How to Report


Reporting may – or may not – seem like a scary step to take. We understand that it takes courage. But children brave terrible abuses alone, and repeatedly, with no protection if we do nothing. Child sexual abuse will end when perpetrators know for certain that all adults can recognize and report suspicious behavior.

Am I qualified to make a report?

If you are a concerned parent, neighbor or friend, thank you for caring about keeping children safe! You are absolutely qualified to make a report as a non-mandated reporter. Please view instructions for non-mandated reporters.


Non-Mandated Reporters


If you are concerned in your professional capacity as a school or childcare faculty or staff member, medical or healthcare professional, social worker, counselor, member of the clergy or faith-based volunteer, or member of the law enforcement community, you are required to make a report as a mandated reporter. Please view instructions for mandated reporters.


Mandated Reporters

I Need To Report