How to Talk with Babies

Talking with Babies (0 to 1 Year)

We’re not proposing that you talk about sex with a newborn. Rather, we recommend building trust and expectations by talking to babies early and often. There has been plenty of research demonstrating that talking to babies boosts their brain power. Babies as young as six months begin to understand the words that are being spoken to them. So, start talking right away.

Talk while you’re changing their diaper

When changing a baby’s diaper, walk them through the steps of what you are doing. This helps them understand the process that is taking place and helps them feel safe with what is happening. Bath time is another great opportunity to help kids begin to understand their bodies and boundaries. Verbalize each body part and explain what you are doing.

Develop Trust

Holding, comforting and cuddling a baby is the first way they understand the concept of trust and safety. It is important to comfort a baby so they are able to develop that sense of trust and recognize you as a safe person in their lives. As babies grow and understand more, ask them about giving hugs and kisses. They may not be able to respond with words, but they will start to recognize the pattern of asking for permission.


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